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    As heroin consumption recently increased around the globe, newspapers reported a similar rise in opium cultivation in Afghanistan, which produces around 90 percent of the heroin consumed worldwide. According to the United Nations, in 2014, poppy cultivation reached its highest level since the 1930s and many studies foresee that the country will remain the primary source of opium in the coming years. Many programs aiming at eradicating opium cultivation and focusing on providing alternatives to farmers have failed. The high level of corruption which permeates the Afghan system offers only a partial explanation for the failure. Opium cultivation is such a profitable business that offering attractive alternatives to farmers is difficult and costly.

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    The business of drug sales is one of the most well known, and easily accessible businesses of all time. Drug sales has a very long history as well, as soon as the monkeys evolved thumbs a simple trade began. When humans finally came around, the world was a very happy place.
    They made trades with the monkeys at first, then they killed the monkeys so they could have it for free. The humans were very happy, until they got the munchies. Once everybody got the munchies, it inspired hash bars, and hash brownies, and any kind of food they could stuff full of drugs. Everybody was happy until they ran out, they didn't know you had to grow stuff, they were stuck like we are now with oil.

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